You will love how easy a rice cooker is in its operation and its versatility in cooking various other dishes besides rice. With the rice cookers, you can cook your favorite recipes in merely minutes without much effort from your end.

To help you find the best rice cooker, we have careful prepared a comprehensive list of the top ones in the market with the most positive reviews. Each of these models that we have added to our list is exceptional in their performance and simple to use. They will cook the perfect rice dish for you that will be moist and flavorful. With these models, you don’t have to worry about the rice getting burnt or dried. Since best rice cookers comes in a variety of different sizes and automatic control system so that you won’t have to supervise the cooking process. Secure lids prevent any spillage of food or unwanted release of steam while the unique built-in heating elements ensure uniform distribution of heat for perfect results.

Since each rice cooker is different, you will need to carefully select what suits your cooking demands best. Our list of rice cooker reviews will let you know what types are available in the market and what you can get out of them.

Best Rice Cookers in Summary

NoNameMaterialSize/CupWeightOther Sizes
1Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer Stainless Steel 1.0 Liter9.5 P1.8 Liter
2Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker Aluminum6 Cup6.8 PN/A
3Midea Pre Set Energy Efficient Smart Rice Cooker N/A1.5 Liter11.75 PN/A
4Cuisinart Rice Cooker Stainless Steel 8 Cup8.5 P4 Cup
5Black Decker Rice Cooker Plastic3 Cup2.43 P6,14,16,28 Cup
6Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker N/A10 Cup7.9 PN/A
7Tatung Multi-Functional Rice Cooker Plastic6 Cup2.03 PN/A
8Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker Plastic12 Cup2.03 PN/A
9Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Pre-Program Rice Cooker Aluminum8 Cup6.2 P5,10 Cup
10T-fal 10-In-1 Rice and Multi-cooker Material10 Cup4.82 PN/A
11Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel 6 Quart 11.8 P3,8
12Oster Rice Cooker Plastic6 Cup3.44 PN/A
13IMUSA Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker Plastic5 Cup2.6 P3,8 Cup
14Proctor Silex Rice Cooker Plastic30 Cup6.79 P8,10
15Tiger Rice Cooker and Warmer Plastic5.5 Cup7.55 P3,8,10 Cup

Rice Cooker Reviews

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and WarmerAmong the highest rated rice cookers in the market is this Japanese rice cooker which is a device with a brain! It uses its own brain to monitor and understand the condition of the rice that is cooking and adjust the temperature and time so that the rice cooks perfectly. You can use a maximum of 5.5 cups of uncooked rice in it which will prepare over 10 cups of perfectly cooked rice. It includes programs to cook many different kinds of rice including white rice, mixed rice, porridge, brown rice, semi-brown rice and many more. The control panel also features an LCD display to let you know the time remaining for the cooking cycle to complete. After the completion of the cooking cycle, you will be informed with an audible beep from the appliance. At the end of the cooking, the appliance also automatically switches to ‘keep warm’ setting to maintain the perfect temperature of the rice. The spherical shape of the detachable inner cooking pot is perfect for creating a uniform heating inside it so that the rice cooks perfectly.

Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice CookerThis is an electric rice cooker by a reputable brand of South Korea which has been manufacturing rice cookers for many years now. It can hold up to 6 cups of uncooked rice and has fast and slow cooking options to meet your requirements. The capacity is sufficient to feed a medium sized family or a group of up to 6 persons. The cooking insert is made with aluminum with a coating of Teflon which is non-stick and can easily be hand washed but not suitable for dishwasher. With 6 programmable options it can cook all kinds of rice to perfection including white rice, brown rice and more. The LCD control is easily readable and displays the cooking time for convenience. The fuzzy logic and cooking algorithms that are featured in the appliance enable perfect preparation of the rice even when you don’t want to put in a lot of effort or attention to the cooking process. The 1 year warranty that the manufacturer gives with this product covers its parts as well as labor.

Midea Pre Set Energy Efficient Smart Rice Cooker

Midea Pre Set Energy Efficient Smart Rice CookerThis is a multi-functional rice cooker which has 12 smart programs not just for cooking different types of rice but also soup, oatmeal, steaming, slow cooking and warming. With the touch of a single button, you can cook anything you want in the most convenient and effortless way possible. The 24 hour delay timer and the automatic keep warm setting allow for a flexible cooking where you do not have to be present in the kitchen to manually start and stop the appliance. There is an additional reheat function as well. The inner pot which has a capacity of 1.5 liters can be removed for cleaning and is coated with resin for your health and that of your family’s. Other than being UL certified for safety and durability, it is also extremely energy efficient. With the steamer rack, you can steam vegetables and fish on top of the rice that is being cooked to save even more energy and time. With this smart cooker you will be able to enjoy all kinds of rice and much more using smart programs.

Cuisinart Rice Cooker

Cuisinart Rice CookerThis is a high performance rice cooker by Cuisinart which can cook up to 8 to 15 cups of rice and also steam meat and vegetables. It is built with a stainless steel exterior and a unique square shape to give it a classy and modern look. The glass lid has a chrome plated handle which stays cool to touch so that you can handle it without burning your hands. The non stick cooking insert and the stainless steel steaming insert are both dishwasher safe along with the glass lid for complete convenience. You can also use the same appliance to create many restaurant quality dishes besides rice and steamed food for which you will find loads of options in the recipe book included in the package. The device will also attract you with its automatic switching to ‘keep warm’ setting when the food has cooked. You will also get a rice paddle and a measuring cup with the device all of which are also dishwasher safe. The cooker also gives a 3 year warranty upon purchase.

Black Decker Rice Cooker

Black Decker Rice CookerThis rice cooker, although small in size, is manufactured by one of the best companies for kitchen appliances and makes the most perfect, fluffy rice imaginable. It holds up to 1.5 cups of uncooked rice to make 3 cups of cooked rice enough to feed a small group. With the automatic keep warm function, the rice stays moist and warm long after it has cooked so that you are presented with a warm meal whenever you want to eat. It is not just perfect for all kinds of rice, but can also be used for cooking soup, oatmeal, stews and more. The non stick bowl, in which the rice cooks, and the tempered glass lid are both dishwasher safe so that you don’t need to concern yourself with the cleanup. The glass lid lets you see inside the cooker while the rice is cooking and the stay-cool plastic knob on top lets you lift it easily. Indicator lights are present on the exterior to indicate whether the cooker is in the cooking mode or warming mode. A measuring cup and spoon is also present with the cooker package. You can also buy the same product in 6, 14, 16 and 28 cups.

Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares Digital Rice CookerThis is a large rice cooker from a reputable brand and can accommodate up to 20 cups of uncooked rice and even steam vegetables and fish at the same time that the rice is cooking. While using this appliance you do not need to have any knowledge as to how a particular kind of rice cooks since it has pre-programmed settings for white and brown rice and along with it, it also has options for steaming, flash rice, keep warm and even slow cooking. You can use the ‘flash cook’ option when you are pressed for time and want rice on the table right away. This convenient appliance also has a 15-hour delay timer option using which you can adjust the setting such that the cooking begins at a later time when you are occupied elsewhere and not around to turn the cooker on. This versatile appliance isn’t simply the best rice cooker but can also cook soups, oatmeal, stews and much more for you and includes with it a steaming tray, measuring cup and spoon.

Tatung Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

Black Decker Rice CookerAmong the most convenient and simple to operate rice cookers is this model which can hold up to 6 cups of uncooked rice and turn them into moist, fluffy and perfectly cooked 12 cups of rice. The multi-purpose cooker does not just cook rice but also comes in handy when you want to steam meat or vegetables or cook several other dishes. The inner cooking pot as well as the exterior is made with 18/8 stainless steel so that it may be cleaned easily and does not lose its quality even after many years of excessive use. Its unique ‘indirect heating technology’ spreads the steam evenly through the entire pot so that the rice cooks evenly and turns out as delicious as possible. The control panel features a switch for ‘keep warm’ setting which if turned on will keep the rice warm after it has cooked. It also features four cooking modes including braise, steam, rice and stew to add a variety of different meal possibilities. Besides a steaming tray, the appliance also includes a rice spoon and a measuring cup.

Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker

Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta CookerThis is a microwavable rice and pasta cooker set which includes a bunch of different accessories to make rice and pasta making simpler for you. This 17 piece set comprises of a sieve, steaming tray, accessories for measuring pasta or rice, rice spoon and a locking lid. All these accessories are safe to be put in the microwave or the top rack of a dishwasher. Besides the 12 cup capacity of the cooker, it offers a compact storage and the lid is uniquely designed to lock onto the base with a tight seal so that the steam does not escape the pot for perfect cooking of rice or pasta. The rice cooks perfectly and turns out delicious and fluffy without sticking to the base of the pot. The steaming tray included in the unit brings versatility to the appliance by making it suitable for also preparing steamed vegetables and fish. Constructed by a reputable manufacturer which has been in the appliances business since 1973, you can rest assured of its quality and durability.

Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Pre-Program Rice Cooker

Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Pre-Program Rice CookerAvailable in a modern and compact design, this smart rice cooker by Panasonic can cook for you over 10 cups of perfectly cooked rice. The ‘advanced fuzzy logic’ that this rice cooker uses monitors the rice and adjusts the settings of the temperature and cooking time automatically so that you get the same quality of rice that you would be served in a good restaurant while sitting at home. Besides the 4 automatic rice cooking functions, you can also select from the additional options of steam, cake, slow cook and porridge. You can also make use of the 24 hours delay timer to schedule the cooking to start at an appropriate time so that if you are out for work, the rice will be freshly cooked upon your return. You can also choose for the automatic keep warm mode to function which will automatically be switched on once the rice is prepared to keep it warm till your return. The convenient lid lifts with the push of a button and is hinged on one side for easily handling the rice inside.

T-fal 10-In-1 Rice and Multi-cooker

T-fal 10-In-1 Rice and MulticookerIf you don’t just want a simple rice cooker for your kitchen but a multi-functional device which can help you do much more, this one is one of the best picks for you. Using this 10-in-1 appliance you can prepare risotto, oatmeal, soup, stew and much more besides cooking the best rice. It even lets you slow cook, make yogurt, brown, bake and also keeps your meals warm through its helpful automatic ‘keep warm’ function. It uses an intelligent ‘fuzzy logic technology’ to regulate the temperature and cooking time of the rice to create the most perfect results. The cooking time can be adjusted and you can also make use of the delay timer to initiate the cooking a maximum of 24 hours later if you are not around to turn the device on manually. There is also a micro pressure valve to trap the natural flavor of the ingredients inside the meal. The non stick inner pot is coated with ceramic, is dishwasher safe and can hold 10 cups of rice which is enough to feed more than 6 persons.

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Programmable Pressure CookerThis is a more affordable option as compared to the 1st one on our list and although it does not offer as many features as Zojirushi when it comes to cooking rice, it is capable of completing the job just as nicely. In addition, it is not just a rice cooker but also a pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, saute, steamer and warmer. In fact, it can replace 7 common appliances in your kitchen. It has all the convenient features a good rice cooker has to offer such as the automatic ‘keep warm’ mode, 24 hour delay start and a stainless steel rack which lets you steam vegetables and meat over the rice that is cooking. Additionally, you can rest assured of a completely safe experience with this appliance since it has 10 UL and ULC certified safety mechanisms installed in it. The inner pot is 6 quarts, made with stainless steel and is also dishwasher safe. The 3 ply base of the inner pot enables efficient heating and perfect cooking of the rice.

Oster Rice Cooker

Oster Rice CookerThis compact rice cooker can be used to turn 3 cups of uncooked rice into 6 cups of perfectly cooked, moist, delicious, fluffy rice. Available at a very affordable price, you will be surprised that it can do much more than just prepare rice for you. You can also cook soup, stew, fondue and many other dishes inside it. The steamer tray available with the appliance turns it into a steamer as well for steaming vegetables and meat. The lid, made with tempered glass, lets you easily look inside the cooker to see if the rice is done without lifting the lid and letting the heat escape. The automatic ‘keep warm’ function switches on automatically to save your dish from burning and also for keeping it warm for you till you eat it. The one-touch controls are pretty straightforward to use and the indicator lights are there to indicate whether the rice is ready or not. Besides the non stick, removable inner pot and the steaming tray, a measuring cup and rice spoon is also available.

IMUSA Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker

IMUSA Electric Nonstick Rice CookerThis small rice cooker would work great in the kitchen of a busy cook who wants perfect rice on the table every time but does not have the time to be in the kitchen or sometimes even the house when the cooking process is ongoing. The cooking time is also shortened with this rice cooker and so is the energy consumed in cooking rice. The non stick inner pot is removable and can handle up to 3 cups of uncooked rice and prepare 6 cups of cooked rice enough to feed a small family. Besides rice, you can even cook all your favorite recipes using the same appliance such as oatmeal, vegetables and much more. The unit also includes a measuring cup, a spoon for serving rice and a glass lid which lets you monitor the contents while the food is cooking. The control system is so simple that even a child or an elderly can use it without much supervision with only a single on/off switch and a helpful warming option to reheat the food or keep it warm.

Proctor Silex Rice Cooker

Proctor Silex Rice CookerBuilt with a sleek design and available at a comparatively lower price tag, this is a large rice cooker which lets you prepare large amounts of food for a party or family dinner. When you are busy with work and guests are about to arrive, you simply have to put the ingredients into the rice cooker and within minutes hot, delicious rice cooked with a perfect texture will be served on the table. Besides the large capacity that it offers of 15 cups uncooked rice, other highlights that would attract most customers are the automatic ‘keep warm’ function, non stick dishwasher safe cooking pot and a dishwasher safe glass lid to look inside the pot without opening it. Besides cooking all kinds of rice with this rice cooker, you can also use the same settings to prepare other types of food and even steam meat and vegetables using its steamer tray. The steamer tray has a removable divider in it which can be used if you want to steam 2 different kinds of ingredients at the same time. It will also include a rice spoon and a measuring cup.

Tiger Rice Cooker and Warmer

Tiger Rice Cooker and WarmerThis is a rice cooker designed by a reputable manufacturer based in Japan and is available in a sleek stainless steel exterior. You can use this rice cooker which can hold 5.5 cups of uncooked rice to cook various types of rice and when the cooking is done, the appliance will switch itself to its warming setting to keep your meal warm for as long as 12 hours if you don’t consume it till then. The non stick inner pot is removable and easily washable and so is the steam vent. To make cooking easier, you will also get a rice spoon and measuring cup with this product. For the most perfect results always use this measuring cup to measure rice for being cooked in this rice cooker. The power cord of the appliance is retractable so that the entire unit stores easily and does not take much space or produce clutter on your kitchen counter. This model is sold in a variety of sizes so that it could suit small, medium or large families easily. The choices of sizes you have are 3 cups, 4 cups, 5.5 cups, 8 cups and 10 cups of uncooked rice.