Busy families who want to be able to cook nutritious meals with little time or effort can rely on the Hawkins Pressure Cooker for all of their home cooking needs. A versatile pressure cooker can replace a number of different kitchen appliances while dramatically cutting down on cooking time. The Hawkins Pressure Cooker, has a secure lid and stay-cool handles for safer use. These rounded pressure cookers can handle anything from chicken to vegetables, by harnessing the power of steam pressure. According to Hawkins pressure cooker reviews from countless customers, the speed and versatility of this device is what has made it such a staple in so many kitchens today. However, the best part for many home cooks is that these Hawkins pressure cookers cook quickly while preserving food’s important nutrients—all in one simple, easy to use device. Save time and cook better, more delicious meals for your family with a durable Hawkins pressure cooker.

Best Hawkins Pressure Cooker in Summary

Hawkins Pressure Cooker Reviews

Hawkins Classic Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Classic Aluminum Pressure CookerBeing Hawkin’s best selling model, it boasts several helpful features at an attractive price. Since it comes in 10 different sizes, from 5 litres to 12 liters, for you to make a selection among, you can easily find one that will meet your family requirements entirely. What you will love most about this model is the more advanced pressure regulator which provides a more precise control over pressure and also its gasket with little exposure to the vapors which increases its life. With its corrosion resistant handle and lid, strong fixed pivot and pure aluminum construction, it is the best device for creating healthy family meals quickly.

Hawkins M47 Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Hawkins M47 Contura Hard Anodized Pressure CookerThis inexpensive, high performance pressure cooker has a capacity of 4 liters and is induction compatible. Although it weighs 0.6 lbs, it can develop a pressure of 15 psi to cook meals 46% quicker than a microwave oven. The high pressure develops 22% greater temperature than that at which water boils and in doing so it sterilizes the food meticulously to prepare healthy meals for the family members. With a black body for faster heat conductivity and a curved structure for convenient stirring, the pressure cooker cooks cheaper and tougher meat into tenderized meals in little time and utilizing 50% less fuel than conventional cooking.

Hawkins CB40 Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

Hawkins CB40 Hard Anodised Pressure CookerEquipped with several safety features, this 4 liters pressure cooker is the easiest, fastest and safest way to enjoy homemade family meals. It incorporates an improved version of the regular pressure regulator to monitor and regulate the pressure inside the cooker with precision. Stirring the contents within the cooker is not the least bit difficult with its curved body. The aluminum body, black in color is not just corrosion resistant but also conducts heat faster than many of the other pressure cookers. The hard anodized body further adds speed to heating making the appliance energy efficient. In a little over $40, this is a superb choice to save time and efforts used in cooking dinner.

Hawkings Bigboy Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Hawkings Bigboy Aluminium Pressure CookerSpecifically designed to cook meals in large amounts suitable for restaurants, factories, schools etc, the pressure cooker features a massive 18 liters capacity. It also includes a strong handle on each side equipped with fiberglass to help lift the large appliance safely. As well as its high-grade aluminum construction for faster heating, its heavy-duty lid fits below the insert’s upper lid to further prevent it from detaching till the pressure drops. With its durable sealing ring, advanced pressure regulator and strong pivot, it makes a durable and quality tool for any large scale cooking setup.

Hawkins HS10L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Hawkins HS10L Stainless Steel Pressure CookerIt’s a heavy-duty large pressure cooker of 10 liters in capacity to feed large groups of people. It includes a whistling pressure regulator and a durable gasket so that there is no need for any replacements for many years. Its construction of stainless steel is durable, corrosion resistant, and hygienic and offers easy clean up. What’s unique about this pressure cooker is its base made from aluminum which is pressed between stainless steel for heating the contents uniformly. Featuring several features to ensure safety and an advanced handle bracket, this pressure cooker is ideal for cooking delicious meals for a big family.

Hawkins HF7L Futura Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

Hawkins HF7L Futura Hard Anodised Pressure CookerIf you are wishing for an inexpensive hard anodized cooker to cut down time and energy in cooking, Hawkins features a 7 liter pressure cooker for family meals. The model features a pressure regulator which whistles, long lasting sealing ring and a safety valve. Suitable for all types of Cooktops, the pressure cooker cooks food 46% quicker than microwave oven. Made with hard anodized aluminum the body is not only corrosion resistant and does not react with food but also conducts heat faster than most cookers. The product has a stay-cool handle and safety lid to ensure safe and convenient handling.