With all the comfort and convenience that a pressure cooker brings to your kitchen, a little consideration and attention towards its cleaning shouldn’t feel much of an effort. A little care from your end can keep your beloved pressure cooker in good shape for many years in the future. Make sure that you clean your pressure cooker properly after using it and let it dry before storing it. Here are a few simple things you need to keep in mind when cleaning your pressure cooker:

  1. Clean it Immediately:

Do not let the food stay in the pressure cooker. Once it has been cooked, transfer it to a serving dish and clean the pressure cooker immediately. If you leave it to be cleaned later, food will dry on it making your job harder than it is supposed to be. Dried food will require scrubbing and a lot of effort and time to be cleaned.

  1. Washing the sealing ring:

Most pressure cookers come with a sealing ring (also called a gasket). Take the sealing ring out from the inner side of the lid and clean the lid, gasket and the pressure cooker pot properly.  Rinse the sealing ring with warm water thoroughly. Examine its condition to make sure there is no damage it. Let it dry completely prior to attaching it back to the lid. The gasket deforms over time and will need replacement about one or twice a year depending on how often the pressure cooker is used.

  1. Cleaning the valves:

Examine all the steam release valves to check if they have any blockage. Use a pipe cleaner or a toothpick to clean all the steam release passages. It is highly essential that the steam has a clear passage to escape to prevent unnecessary pressure from developing inside the cooker pot.

  1. Cleaning the Lid and Pot:

Wash the lid and the pot using warm water and some mild detergent. Do not apply abrasive scrubs or detergents which may harm the surface of the cooker. You may also wash the pot and the lid in a dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe. The gasket should always be hand washed so that it may survive longer.

  1. Storing the cooker:

Leave all the pressure cooker parts out to dry completely prior to putting them back in place to store the pressure cooker. Put the sealing ring back inside the lid and then cover the pot with the lid placed upside down. This practice will ensure that some air is allowed to circulate inside the cooker to make sure that if it has any trace of moisture left inside it, it may be allowed to dry. In case your pressure cooker has started smelling bad, you can sprinkle a little baking soda on the base before placing the lid over it. Your pressure cooker should be free of all the smells, the next time you use it. Remember to rinse the cooker to remove the baking soda the next time you use it.

  1. Read the instruction manual:

Although we did our best to provide you with the general guidelines for care and cleaning of a pressure cooker which would work for most of the models, every pressure cooker model will have some differences in their construction and functionality. You need to go through the instruction manual cautiously to learn how to clean each of the parts and how to examine all its pressure valves.

Remember to follow these simple guidelines and we assure you that your pressure cooker will serve you with its utmost performance for a very long time.